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Critical Psychological Evaluations & Mental Health Testing

Get critical information in psychological evaluations and mental health testing by Campion, Barrow, and Associates. We specialize in highly accurate and detailed examinations of your potential new hires’ psychological status for all applications.  Evaluations are also completed to determine diagnostic considerations and treatment recommendations.  Liability concerns and risk tendencies are measured from a psychological perspective.

Public Safety Psychological Services

Public safety municipalities and agencies across Illinois, Wisconsin, and Minnesota with positions that require  psychological evaluations rely on our trusted, proven, and effective assessment and examination services. Our approach to the evaluation process leverages a statistical behavioral approach with behavioral follow-up data as evaluated trough more than 40 years of clinical experience in this field.


• Police & Fire Department Examinations
• Fitness for Duty Evaluations
• Promotion & Advancement Testing
• Pre-employment Psychological Evaluations

• Special Teams Assessments, i.e. SWAT Team
• Sheriff Departments: Deputy Sheriffs, Corrections Officers,   Detention Deputies, 911 Dispatchers, Juvenile Detention
  & Probation Officers

Law Enforcement - Psychological Assessments, Mental Health Testing

Faith-Based Organizations

Churches & missionary organizations find our evaluations especially helpful. We can help you determine one’s readiness for ministry work by using psychological measures to isolate training needs and ways to increase success. Our focus on faith-based organizations offers assistance to a number of denominations both nationally and internationally. Specialized data collection system is implemented to increase utility of the process and enable predictive research.

Whether a person desires to become or is currently a minister, missionary, or ministry executive, our extensive work with these types of organizations has given us a solid perspective into the unique demands of such positions.  Campion, Barrow and Associates is able to assist in the following ways:

  • Provide psychological evaluations and consultation to assist in the hiring or placement process
  • Coaching for professional development and stress management
  • Mentoring for self-growth and preparation for service
  • Counseling for individuals currently in or in preparation for service that may be experiencing emotional or psychological conflicts that may affect performance
  • Team building to promote group trust and efficiency

Independent Psychological Evaluations

Our evaluations are designed for situations where an objective opinion is needed for professional commentary on an individual’s psychological stability. The evaluations we administer assist with workman's compensation, insurance companies, attorneys, and organizational staff where an employee is exhibiting a crisis for the purposes of evaluating issues and providing recommendations. We currently provide nationwide services in many areas, including.

Writing and Observation Skills Assessment (WOSA) 

Campion, Barrow, and Associates (CBA) and Sussex Management Associates (SMA) have combined efforts to produce the WOSA to evaluate the reporting and observation skills of prospective candidates. The combined efforts these well known, well established organizations bring to police agencies throughout the nation are an added benefit.

The WOSA is a unique way to measure skills of applicants and in-service police officers alike. This assessment is an opportunity for police departments to satisfy an urgent need.  "Click Here" to access this assessment.


Overseas Adoption Evaluations 

Foreign countries require adoptive parents to go through a psychological evaluation as a requirement to the adoption process. We have assisted our clients in working with different countries, and our experience is invaluable when it comes to navigating this process with adoptive parents.  We will consult at no charge to identify what assessments are needed for the evaluation and what documents are required.  Because we are an evaluation company, we have many different assessments avaiable in order to meet the specific needs of any adoption process.

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