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Effective Counseling Services

Live with help from highly experienced counseling services by calling Campion, Barrow, and Associates. Our counseling services will assist you in getting to the root of the problem and provide effective guidance for resolving concerns.

Counseling Services

In addition to our  examination and assessment capabilities, we offer traditional and faith-based licensed counseling for individuals, couples,
children and adolescents. The level of our experience and expertise, along with our team’s knowledge and level of care, sets us apart from most other
treatment options. In counseling from a faith-based perspective, we’ve logged thousands of hours of helpful and successful experiences from our clients,
and receive a large percentage of our client base on a referral basis.

All therapists at Campion, Barrow and Associates believe that a person must have a balanced life which includes the physical, spiritual, and psychological.  This model recognizes that people have many facets to their lives, including self-concept, family relationships, career satisfaction, physical health, spiritual health, and emotional health.  When one or more of these parts become dysfunctional, it subtracts from the well being of the whole person.  We will work closely with your physician, your religious support group or others to move you back to healthy functioning.  All sessions are completely confidential.  Although we handle many forms of payment, please call to verify insurance as well as to schedule an appointment.


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